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New Releases 09 August 2021

2!GFNALIEN05 Aliens Board Game: Heroes Of Hadley's Hope Expansion published by Gale Force Nine

Aliens Board Game: Heroes Of Hadley's Hope Expansion

This set contains high-quality hard plastic 30mm scale miniatures, representing iconic characters from the 1986 film ALIENS. Perfect for painters and collectors, or to enhance your table-top roleplaying experience. Includes two plastic sprues and instruction sheets to build: Ellen Ripley, Lt. Scott  ...More...

Price: 16.99
       (RRP is 19.99)

2!ASMCOD01 Codex Naturalis Card Game published by Asmodee Editions

Codex Naturalis Card Game

In CODEX Naturalis, you must continue the work of the illuminating monk Tybor Kwelein, assembling the pages of a manuscript that lists the living species in primary forests. Can you put the pages together in the best order possible? And are you prepared to sacrifice a species to develop your manuscript?


No. of Players: 2 to 4

Duration: 20 to 30 minutes

Min. Age: 7

Price: 12.49
       (RRP is 14.99)