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Broken Token

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TBTORG057 7 Wonders Duel Organizer published by The Broken Token

7 Wonders Duel Organizer

TBTORG057: 7 Wonders Duel Organizer is Out of Stock

Get your civilizations facing off faster with our Dueling Organizer compatible with 7 Wonders Duel.

This Dueling organizer (requires assembly) stores all game components securely, including a special compartment for the conflict token and notches to hold gameboards. A removable coin tray both  ...More...

Price: 18.49
       (RRP is 19.99)

7 Wonders Duel Organizer on www.gameslore.com

TBTORG003 7 Wonders Organizer published by The Broken Token

7 Wonders Organizer

TBTORG003: 7 Wonders Organizer is Out of Stock

If you've purchased any of the expansions for 7 Wonders, you quickly realize that the original game box was not designed to hold any extra game boards. You also have limited space for card storage.

This Wondrous organizer (requires assembly) was designed to hold all expansions up to and including  ...More...

Price: 25.99
       (RRP is 27.99)

7 Wonders Organizer on www.gameslore.com

TBTGCA007 Biohazard Containment Unit Game Crate published by The Broken Token

Biohazard Containment Unit Game Crate

TBTGCA007: Biohazard Containment Unit Game Crate is Out of Stock

Time is short and all of humanity is counting on you! Quarantine your game with The Broken Tokens Biohazard Containment Unit (assembly required), compatible with Pandemic by Z-Man Games.

This premium storage solution organizes Pandemic and all of its expansions in one easy to transport unit.  ...More...

Price: 51.49
       (50.2 after automatic discount!, RRP is 54.99)

Biohazard Containment Unit Game Crate on www.gameslore.com

TBTORG042 Blood Rage Organizer published by The Broken Token

Blood Rage Organizer

TBTORG042: Blood Rage Organizer is Out of Stock

Be prepared for Ragnark with our official Blood Rage organizer (requires assembly) and keep your game from ending up in Valhalla! Our most ambitious project to-date, the Blood Rage organizer not only holds all of the game contents, expansions and Kickstarter exclusives, but does it in a way that  ...More...

Price: 41.99
       (RRP is 44.99)

Blood Rage Organizer on www.gameslore.com

TBTORG031 Carcassonne Organizer published by The Broken Token

Carcassonne Organizer

TBTORG031: Carcassonne Organizer is Out of Stock

Much like the fortified, French town, you want to keep your tiles, tokens and pieces "walled in" and protected in your box! Our Carcassone organizer (assembly required) holds the base game and many expansions (please refer to product images and below* for which expansions we have in ours). Seven  ...More...

Price: 21.49
       (RRP is 22.99)

Carcassonne Organizer on www.gameslore.com

TBTORG063 Codenames Organizer published by The Broken Token

Codenames Organizer

It's no secret: with the popularity of Codenames and Codenames Pictures, what's been missing has been an elegant and economical organization solution. Get "clued in on our officially licensed Codenames Organizer (requires assembly), suitable for storing both Codenames and Codename Pictures by CGE!  ...More...

Price: 11.99
       (RRP is 12.99)

Codenames Organizer on www.gameslore.com

TBTORG022 Dead Of Winter Organizer published by The Broken Token

Dead Of Winter Organizer

TBTORG022: Dead Of Winter Organizer is Out of Stock

You don't have time for a long set-up when the zombies are closing in. Start fighting faster with our Undead Winter Organizer (requires assembly) compatible with Dead of Winter game box. All game pieces are contained within removable trays making setup a breeze. The card lane is wide enough for  ...More...

Price: 26.99
       (RRP is 28.99)

Dead Of Winter Organizer on www.gameslore.com

TBTORG060 Deepwater Organizer published by The Broken Token

Deepwater Organizer

TBTORG060: Deepwater Organizer is Out of Stock

Give your adventurers a premium home with our new Deepwater organizer (requires assembly) designed for Lords of Waterdeep. We pulled out all the stops with this storage solution. In addition to holding all the parts from the Scoundrels of Skullport expansion, our organizer will make game setup and  ...More...

Price: 27.99
       (RRP is 29.99)

Deepwater Organizer on www.gameslore.com

TBTTOK002 DnDeeples Bag Of 100 published by The Broken Token

DnDeeples Bag Of 100

TBTTOK002: DnDeeples Bag Of 100 is Out of Stock

DnDeeples designed by Danny Perello for use with Lords of Waterdeep. This set includes 25 each of Warriors, Clerics, Rogues and Wizards cut from high-quality 1/4" cast acrylic. Time to throw out your mama's wooden cubes and outfit your game with some style!


Price: 22.99
       (RRP is 24.99)

DnDeeples Bag Of 100 on www.gameslore.com

TBTORG002 Eclipse Organizer published by The Broken Token

Eclipse Organizer

Get organized with our box organizer designed specifically for Eclipse.

For more general tips on assembly, please read The Broken Token Assembly Guide.


Price: 24.99
       (RRP is 26.99)

Eclipse Organizer on www.gameslore.com

TBTORG019 Galactic Star Battle Organizer published by The Broken Token

Galactic Star Battle Organizer

TBTORG019: Galactic Star Battle Organizer is Out of Stock

Our Galactic Star Battle Organizer (requires assembly) is compatible with Battlestar Galactica and features three removable trays and plenty of card storage. It supports all existing expansions in a single box (see below for details). Like all of our organizers, it supports sleeved cards and comes  ...More...

Price: 25.99
       (RRP is 27.99)

Galactic Star Battle Organizer on www.gameslore.com

TBTGCA008 Gloom Tomb Game Crate published by The Broken Token

Gloom Tomb Game Crate

TBTGCA008: Gloom Tomb Game Crate is Out of Stock

Is your life filled with too much cheer and sunshine? Bottle up that extra happiness with The Broken Tokens Gloom Tomb. This Craftsman Series storage solution (requires assembly) features our first ever acrylic lid window to put all of your misery on display. The Gloom logo is engraved on each side,  ...More...

Price: 37.49
       (RRP is 39.99)

Gloom Tomb Game Crate on www.gameslore.com

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