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Arkham Horror Files: Dark Revelations

FFGNAH16 Arkham Horror Files: Dark Revelations published by Fantasy Flight Games

FFGNAH16: Arkham Horror Files: Dark Revelations is Out of Stock

Gloria leaned against the door; the draft through the gap smelled raw, metallic, charnel. Thunder growled and the clouds opened. Gloria gasped as the first drops struck the glass. One landed on her hand, warm and red, and she recoiled. Amanda Downum, Dark Revelations.

Nightmares and apocalyptic visions have plagued novelist Gloria Goldberg for her entire life. Although she learned to exorcise her terrors onto the page, she has never revealed the inspiration for her weird tales, not even to fellow author Jamie Galbraith. One day, she is struck by a vision of Jamie begging her to help finish what he started. Moments later, she receives word of his sudden death.

Gloria travels to Arkham at their publishers behest to collect Jamies current work, but her visions of a devouring sky only intensify. As Gloria reads Jamies unfinished book, the story takes hold of her, and the words on the page begin to bleed into reality. Can Gloria find a way to change the end of the story before it heralds the end of the world?

Dark Revelations is a new novella by Amanda Downum, set in the Arkham Horror Files universe. It also includes four promo cards for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, featuring a new investigatorthe writer, Gloria Goldberg.

Price: 10.99
       (RRP is 12.99)