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Arcadia Quest Board Game: Yona And Kuruk Expansion

CMNAQ026 Arcadia Quest Board Game: Yona And Kuruk Expansion published by CoolMiniOrNot

Yona is a shaman from the distant Kodak Tribe, whose people spend their days etching and coloring stone tablets into vast panoramas and perfect likenesses of themselves and other.

She and her friend Kuruk had come to Arcadia to view its glorious architecture, renowned throughout the world. The Cathedral of Light, the University, and especially the Moongate. And what did they find? A city surrounded by flames in the depths of Inferno! Fortunately, Yonas shamanistic skills are up to the task. Theres no wound she cant (eventually) heal, though her cures sometimes make the Arcadian doctors blanch. Who ever heard of curing the disease by killing the patient? And yet, for Yona, it works perfectly.

Price: 13.99
       (RRP is 17.99)