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To avoid unnecessary risks to our staff we would ask members of the public not to visit our premises until 30th March 2020 at the earliest. Note that none of our employees have been diagnosed or have symptoms of COVID-19, however, we do have both potentially vulnerable employees and recent travellers who are being distanced here reducing our ability to provide our normal level of service. This does not affect our order processing operations which will continue as normal. We thank you for your co-operation.

Many of our team are now working remotely and our ability to handle phone calls is diminished, please bear with us while we try to answer phone calls and emails.

We have been notified by the couriers we use that delivery guides can now longer be guaranteed so your parcel may take a day or so longer than normal, no claim can be made for this. Also certain destinations and parcel shops in the EU are now closed - if you know your location is affected please don't order from us whilst these issues continue.