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We would politely ask you not to visit our premises before the end of March 2020.

Two members of staff at our location have recently travelled internationally and we are distancing them in a separate office here with separate access to facilities. As a result we have less capacity to assist with visitors as and when they arrive. Note that our separated team members will not be involved at any stage of picking and packing your orders and we have issued our team with advice about separation / isolation should they start to feel unwell.

We are also mindful that other staff members are potentially more vulnerable to the adverse effects of this virus and therefore keeping their risks low is important to us.

We thank you for your co-operation and hope that everyone, wherever you are in the world stays safe and well through this situation and if you are not that fortunate that you are able to access the healthcare you need.

In case you are concerned about the potential effects of COVID-19 and are looking for more details the websites we have highlighted to our Employees are the following:

  • NHS England
  • ACAS for Employers and Employees
  • UK Government